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In Which Nathan Has A Plan (And A Slight Epiphany) And Jack Gets Wooed, Seduced, And Groped (Although Not Necessarily In That Order) -- Part Two

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Eureka Fic! *has no Eureka icons*

In Which Nathan Has A Plan (And A Slight Epiphany) And Jack Gets Wooed, Seduced, And Groped (Although Not Necessarily In That Order).

Summary:  "Thus Nathan had initiated his plan. A very intricate, well thought-out plan at that, full of reconnaissance and contingences and arguments for any of Jack’s initial qualms, like that they kind of hated each other ("Great sex") or their positions in the town ("Secretly great sex")."

This was not, in retrospect, exactly how Nathan had expected things to go.Collapse )

Over the Hills and Far Away

Home from Europe! My mother, my French teacher, and a group of six students (including me) just returned from our eleven-day educational tour (EF Tours, great program, check it out) through England, France, and Italy. Words cannot describe how wonderful it was.

And so... Coming soon to an LJ near you:  Pictures in (hopefully) four installments--

London, England

Paris, France

Italy, Part One (Florence, Assisi, and Rome)
Italy, Part Two (Pompei, Sorrento, and Capri)

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Invite Codes

I have two Dreamwidth invite codes. Anyone who wants to join the party is welcome to them! First come, first served--PM me or just hit up the comments! 


Short Post on Dreamwidth

Okay, so I'm still undergoing a crash course, learning about DW and finding everyone (thanks to an assist from the lovely and all-around wonderful litotease ). I'll be searching for people, but I spend ten minutes looking for my cell phone before I realize I'm talking to someone on it, so that's about as well as we can expect that to go. I'm still lastnightblues over there, so anyone who sees me and wants to add me, please grab me!


*is slightly baffled*

Okay, so my mother and I are getting ready for our weeklong Yale-and-Stanford Admit days airplane wackadoo adventure, and we decided that, as our flight switches are hectic anyway, we're not checking bags, just using carry-ons. And I'm all for keeping the planes safe, of course, but okay. Finding things in quantities of three fluid ounces should not be so difficult. Contact solution is impossible to find in three ounces. IMPOSSIBLE, I tell you.

Also, their pointy object rules are bizarre. Like, we couldn't get a definitive answer on if tweezers or those little cosmetic scissors were okay. I mean, objectively I know that we're not of main concern to airport security--I'm a tiny, blue-eyed, blonde Midwestern girl; the DoD does not view me as a threat, generally speaking--but still.

And navigating a sleeping bag (which I'll need in the dorms unless I'm the asshole who demands the couch) is cumbersome, because it fits in neither of our bags, which are stuffed with clothes to compensate for Connecticut and California weather. So we're going to attempt to carry it and hope security is cool.

But I'm excited! Stanford! And Yale! As strenuous as this decision will be (and has been; my best friend was commenting the other day on how stressed I've been, as I'm usually cucumber-esque), my mind is still blown that I even HAVE it. It's an incredible gift. And to have parents who support me in my decision to go so far away, who learned about the college process with me (because they didn't go to college, outside of my mother's nursing degree), who have always been there to keep my brother and me grounded and feeling loved--that's an even greater gift that I'll never stop be thankful for.

Anyway. I'm stocked up with books and homework and pencils (for spontaneous fic writing, of course) for more than a few continental flights, as well as some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I made the other night (easy on the cookie, heavy on the chocolate chips). We fly tomorrow morning and get back on Saturday!

*is flabbergasted*

Of course--OF COURSE--just as I was beginning to come to some semblance of a college decision, I hear back from Columbia and Yale. And I, uh, got in. To Columbia and Yale. Which I will be periodically re-checking all night, because seriously? Seriously? 

I just... *flails* I mean, I've been thinking about this stuff nonstop for, like, five months, and I am still COMPLETELY unprepared to deal with ANY of this. I have no idea how this happened to me, and I have absolutely no idea what to do now that it has. *collapses*

Whew! Okay. I have Calculus and Bio to do. I'm just gonna go... focus on that.

Banner, college ramblings, and Reaper fic!

1) Wee! Participation banner!

2) Lord, this month is ridiculously busy! I've had meets every weekend, general school craziness, AND planning a trip to California for Stanford's Admit Weekend (my first time seeing the campus)--which feels insane in and of itself.  My mom and I were looking at flights the other day and we both had to stop for a moment and be like, "We're scheduling a flight to San Jose right now. DUDE." 

College-related ramblings, in which lastnightblues has very little clue what to do.Collapse )

3) Anyway. Reaper fic!

Title: Going Once, Going Twice
Fandom: Reaper
Pairing: Sam/The Devil
Rating: NC-17

Summary: “He’s pretty sure that all he did was accept a drink from some woman at the bar before the world went all turvy-topsy and he ended up dressed in this skirt-toga-thing and sitting in what would graciously be called a velvet-lined cage.”
Notes/Warnings: Written for round ten of [info]rounds_of_kink, with the prompts of aphrodisiacs and slave auction. I was late getting it written (thanks, Calculus gods) but it was so much fun.


Any second now, Sam's going to get up. Any second now, he's going to get up, he's going to find something to cover his business, and he's going to punch that auctioneer-guy-demon...thing in the mouth.Collapse )